Euthanasia – The ethical controversy

Euthanasia has been a controversial issue for years and there is still no definite conclusion to this issue. The definition itself- “mercy killing”- is already a conflicting phrase: where else would you see “mercy” and “killing” next to each other?

Euthanasia debate im

Why Euthanasia is controversial

The controversy grows upon the most fundamental concept, and how the method should be put to action. On one side, people oppose to this “mercy killing” method, arguing that it is just wrong. In some places, suicide is illegal, then why would mercy killing, the act of taking someone’s life, be justified? On the other side are people who support this method as no matter what it is, euthanasia relieves the patient of the pain. Some even say that it’s giving the patient a push to his or her new life. In most societies, suicide is often seen as a wrongdoing, culturally and socially. Social structures are heavily based on the way each individual responds to the matters of death, lifestyles and such decisions. The social norms shape the structure of the community and also draw the lines between right and wrong.

It is quite clear that the controversy around euthanasia can continue on for ages without a complete closure. Euthanasia, by definition, is a method of ending a patient’s life with a lethal dose of medicines so that he or she will no longer have to suffer from pains. The debate goes on and on if it is right to do so.

The ethical question of voluntarily ending a life

The ethical debate gains immense response from both sides, as it can potentially affect many lives. The issue was raised first in the 80s. Of course death has been around for much longer before then, and it is understood that death is unavoidable and unaccountable in some cases. However, when it comes to the decision of whether a person should voluntarily make the call, there is no unanimous opinion. Before, no one knows when he or others will die. Now, we are faced with the task of determining whether it is right to choose to end one’s life. The ethics involved are extremely significant and the causes need to be analyzed.

Endless debate with no closure in sight

With the progression in medical technology and knowledge, human life expectation is lengthened. However, many illnesses remain beyond our control and many of which cause insufferable pain to patients. Can euthanasia be accepted as a help to patients? It remains a big question troubling thousands of people in the world. Even doctors and medical professionals are split in this debate. Many doctors have been supporting and pushing for euthanasia to be accepted. On the other hand, many remain unconvinced because to them, this goes against all ethical standards, which serves as the very foundation for all societies.